Desire.  This word brings all sorts of images and feelings to mind. Some say to renounce it, others say embrace it.  Desire has definitely gotten a bad rap nowadays.  True enough when you let your desires lead you astray from your promises, commitments, your goals,  it can definitely be seen as a “bad” thing.  But when feeling this desire allows you to take the next step toward a goal you have, feel more vitality in your body (kundalini), it’s not only life-giving, but is the force that creates worlds, manifests goals, and has the power (along with action) to create what’s important to you.  Without desire, there is no step forward.  And that’s powerful.  So what does THIS have to do with yoga you might be wondering?

The longer you practice yoga, you might feel like embracing more of life, of every moment, and that it’s not natural or practical to shun worldly things.  Desire combined with a discipline like yoga can give birth to such a powerful spiritual fire within you, that not only does it light you up, but it lights up all that you come into contact with as you’re more alive, present, excited, and feeling absolutely juicy and connected (yes men, it’s okay for you to feel juicy too lol).  Embracing the feeling of your desires and cravings for the purposes of  being more alive in the moment is a very powerful space to be in.  This is not about “getting” that next thing, “controlling” the outcome (you can’t anyway), or being distracted by the “shiny objects.”

Today’s tweetable:  This is about allowing the breath of the yoga practice to connect you to the desire within you.

Not only do you feel pretty amazing, but notice the powerful effect you have on all that around you…just notice.  Channel your desire for the purposes of spreading light on this Earth and living your FULLEST life, whatever that means to you.  And to me, that IS the essence of the yoga.

I want to leave you with a short meditation to connect you to the powerful energy of desire.  Please listen below and enjoy.  Please share this post with a friend who may enjoy this as well.  Let’s spread the light together.  And remember, embrace your desire.

With Love,