More Is Possible


I opened my email this morning and got a flashback memory to the past.

The email read “More thoughts and Life Learnings” from a self help guru.

I immediately was reminded of all of the pain I didn’t see a way out of a few years ago.

After opening the yoga studio in 2012, I thought that  this dream fulfilled would mean effortless happiness & being fulfilled every single day.

Only a few years later, I had hit a brick wall emotionally.

I worked hard to be joyful, happy, and grateful.


Something felt off…I knew life shouldn’t be that hard.

I knew more was possible.

I knew there was more happiness, joy, prosperity, and ease that I could have every single day.

Except my days were filled with doubt and struggle and I no idea how I was going to change what I was struggling with.

After all, I had consumed hundreds of self help books, podcasts, at DIY healing rituals to “help myself.”

I thought I had explored everything and I feared my desire for more was only a fantasy.

Or at least not meant for me.

Can you relate?

Luckily I chose to move beyond one of lies that had been stopping me.

“What if I try something new & it doesn’t work?”

“What if I waste my money?”

Luckily I didn’t listen to that voice of fear.

I decided to hire coaches and immerse myself in weekend transformational experiences to see if I could change this.

My decision to try something new…changed my life.

And catapulted me to where I’m at today.

My transformation began on the yoga mat, but did not end there.

That was just the beginning.

My willingness to honor those whispers of “something else is possible” led to transformation work, which led to Access Consciousness.

My current favorite love.


Because I’ve changed the impossible with these tools.

And I’ve seen my clients do the same.

I write this to all of the people who hear the same whisper that something else is possible.

For the dreamers and seekers who long for something more.

That something more is REAL.

And it only becomes real for you if you take new action.

Key word…NEW.

As much as I love the DIY “self help” transformations, if you truly want to transform…

Create a life you love…

Go beyond what you have so far…

You can’t do it alone.

Wouldn’t you have already if that was your answer?

My invitation to you is that you find that coach, mentor, immersive experience and GO ALL IN.

Hiring someone to help you create beyond what you thought was possible isn’t frivolous, it’s necessary.

Our society is built around mediocrity, it’s designed to keep you safe and the same.

Just like the voice in your head.

You can choose that.

Or you can have all of you and create a life you love.

If you listen to  the voice that’s been whispering to you.

If what I’m saying speaks to you, I’m inviting you into a Soul Purpose Session.

60 minutes of diving deep to uncover your dreams.

What you truly desire.

Uncovering what’s been in the way.

And the steps to changing this.

What if this was the beginning to you having what you’ve always dreamed of?

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