Hi L-Yogi’s!  Natalie here.  We have two exciting workshops to announce happening within the next month.  International Yoga Teacher “Yoga Dan” is coming back to our studio to put on a 2 day workshop on 5/31 and 6/1.  This is HIGHLY recommended as he’s taught all over the world for the last decade and really brings a special light into the space he’s in, in addition to a high level of expertise.  Friday night from 6:30-8:30pm will be an all levels Vinyasa Flow called “Manifesting Opportunities through the Yoga Practice” and Saturday from 11-1pm will be Thai Massage Techniques and Yoga adjustments.  Both sessions will be fantastic for practitioners of all levels.  If you love yoga and live in Columbus, you won’t want to miss this.

Also I have the honor of being hosted by Nishkama Yoga in Independence, Ohio to teach a Kundalini Workshop on Sunday 6/23 from 2-4pm.  This will be two hours of yoga postures and meditation that will help you to open your heart and step into the magnificence of YOU.    If you’ve never experienced Kundalini Yoga I highly recommend that you catch an EnLighten class here at the L-Yoga Flow studio.  If you do love Kundalini yoga, join me as I travel on the road!

Here’s the link for more details and signing up for both since you must save your spot http://lyogaflow.com/eventsworkshops/ .  I look forward to seeing you at both events!