Reasons to try yoga

Why try class at L-Yoga Flow?

  • You wake up and go to bed stressed – EVERY DAY.
  • You find that you’re not as relaxed as you used to be and LIFE SEEMS TO BE GETTING TO YOU.
  • You don’t want to go a hot, sweaty, over-crowded gym, but you KNOW you need to TAKE BETTER CARE OF YOUR BODY.
  • You have a nagging feeling to TAKE BETTER CARE OF YOURSELF and it’s beginning to negatively affect your relationships.
  • Simple daily activities, like chasing after your children have become increasingly difficult as you FEEL MORE OUT OF SHAPE.
  • You find yourself saying, “it’s because I’m getting older,” when you KNOW YOU COULD BE DOING SOMETHING TODAY TO IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH & HOW YOU FEEL.
  • You look at people around you who seem to be happy most of the time and wonder HOW DO THEY DO IT???
  • You wake up every day HOPING TO FEEL MORE ENERGETIC, but you don’t.  You KNOW you have to make a new choice to HELP YOURSELF FEEL GOOD in your body again.
  • You talk about when you “USED TO BE IN SHAPE” or when you “USED TO FEEL GOOD.”
  • You’ve tried yoga, but had a teacher that didn’t explain to you the poses so you felt LOST AND OUT OF PLACE.
  • You’ve always wanted to try yoga but FELT INTIMIDATED BY IT SINCE YOU’RE A BEGINNER.
  • You keep telling yourself that you’ll start AS SOON AS YOU HAVE THE TIME OR as soon as a friend will come with you.
  • You think you need to be flexible to do yoga.  YOU DON’T.


Join us now in one of our classes.  Click here to be taken to our class schedule.

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