No Stress November Challenge 2018

                                                                    Join the Challenge and Strengthen Yourself

yoga challenge, november, self-care, win prizes

The holidays are right around the corner—and while the holidays can be a wonderful time, they can also bring an undertone of stress as well. During this holiday season, we’re here to help keep you stress free. No Stress November is our challenge at Lyoga Flow to help you keep up with your self care practices through our classes and workshops. You win a goodie bag and a free group event for completing it, as well as 4 special prizes for the Grand Prize, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th prize winners! See flyer for details! Please consider sharing to help us spread the word!


If you’re new to the studio, you’re also eligible for your first week FREE! Then, if you want to continue with ANOTHER FREE WEEK, you can make a purchase from the retail area of $20 or more and take your 2nd free week. After that, you can get a month of unlimited classes for $39 and complete the challenge!

If you have questions, just ask any of our teachers, or call or email us: 614-981-3441