How to stop playing small and embrace living the magical life you know you were meant to

8 week online women’s only program

Dear Magical Queen and Goddess in Training,

I have a secret to share with you.  Come closer, listen…wait, it’s not a secret.  You already know.

You were born to live a life of greatness and have known this your entire life.

How many of you have always felt a little different…like you had different rules than everyone else?

How many of you have tried to follow the advice that always seemed to work for others, only to find out that things never seemed to work out the same way for you?

How many of you KNOW you’re meant to live a life of “more” but somehow feel caught in the struggle of “not enough?”

How many of you have thought that if you trusted yourself rather than someone outside of you that your life would be what you’ve always pictured and you’d be happy?

How many of you have experienced intuition or had synchronicity’s line up in a way where you’ve secretly admitted to yourself “damn, I’m powerful” or even dare to say magical?

I’m here to tell you that you are.

You are powerful, you are magical, you are destined to live the life of your dreams.

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these, this program is for you.



How to stop playing small and embrace living magic to create the life of your dreams

This program is ONLY for women who are ready and committed to living in their power.

Who are ready to PLAY BIG and let go of excuses like no shit.

Who are ready to claim their power and magic as divine goddesses and queens to create their best life and to inspire those around them.

Who are ready to play team and uplift all of their sisters.

Who are ready to be held accountable and do whatever it takes to live their magic.

Who are hungry and ready to trust themselves, being their own guru in their life.

Who are ready to let go of limitations and open up to possibilities EVERY SINGLE DAY.

What this program includes:

How asking questions is the key to unlocking your magic every single day and how this shifts you into a space of effortless manifesting.

Discover your deepest truth so you can start rocking out all areas of life.

Learn this simple shift of how to stop dreading resistance, how harnessing the power of it will shift you into your power BIG TIME.

Discover the power of making yourself right (& why releasing making yourself wrong and judgment will catapult you into authentic power and endless energy).

Why the Universe is always on your side no matter what and the real purposes behind your challenges (and how to gain power from turning these into gifts).

Why life isn’t meant to be hard & why it feels so icky when it is (& how to SHIFT IT!)

 And much more!

What you’ll get:

Daily power mantras to shift you from fear to faith as you leap fully into your power creating your day exactly how you desire.

A personalized morning and night practice to shift you from living a mundane life into one of magic where you’re fully in your power, experiencing happiness, peace, & joy (and whatever else you want) on a daily basis!

Weekly group energy activations to clear limiting beliefs and open you up into a new world of possibilities.


1/x week 60 minute group calls to answer any questions, dive deeper into the principles, and connect with the other ladies in the group for unwavering support and love!

A series of meditations designed to bust through blocks, connect you into your authentic power, melt away stress and doubt, and magnify your joy.


My secret power gratitude practice that instantly shifts you from lack into abundance in a matter of minutes (and can be done anytime or anywhere)!


A daily and weekly plan of exactly what to do and when to do it, so that any guesswork is taken out of it and success is guaranteed!

A private facebook group to connect, ask q & a’s, and offer support to your fellow sisters on their journey as you share what you’re experiencing, your wins, and what’s coming up for you.

YES, I’M READY TO CREATE A MAGICAL LIFE!  CLICK HERE for the Early Bird pricing $2250 

ONLY $397!


CLICK HERE for 2 installments of only $206 (paid upfront and 14 days later) before 8/4 at midnight. 



There will be nothing held back in this program.

Anything that will support you living fully in your power easily and effortlessly will be shared and even added in as we go on a 8 week journey together as it’s my mission to awaken women into living a life of grace, ease, joy, and power where they are living the life of their dreams.  This reservoir of energy is within you, waiting to be tapped into and expanded into your reality!

What you can expect from me (my PROMISE to you):

Total commitment to your growth

Holding you in your highest vision (& not letting you play small)

Divulging any “secret” I have to empowering you to living a life of magic

Standing for you as the powerful, magical queen and goddess that you are worthy of all she desires


This is less than $9/day to having your life shift in the way you’ve been waiting for and secretly craving your whole life.

For less the price of two lattes, you get to leave behind struggle, resistance, and the disconnection that lies in denying your REAL self.  And YOU KNOW the prices you pay every day in your work life, love life, and body by denying who you really are.


YES, I’M READY TO CREATE A MAGICAL LIFE!  CLICK HERE for the Early Bird pricing $2250

ONLY $397


CLICK HERE for 2 installments of only $206 (paid upfront and 14 days later) before 8/4 at midnight. 



What I expect from all those who get accepted into this program:

Total commitment to the program to the end

Willingness to be vulnerable and share challenges so you can receive support from myself and the group

Embracing and uplifting your fellow sister in her highest vision

Willingness to grow and step into viewing life in an expanded way

Willingness to embrace the “impossible” as possible and abandon limiting beliefs

Total confidentiality of what your sisters share during the progam

Willingness to keep going and cross the finish line with all of us!

If you’re one of the lucky ones (come on, you’re not lucky, you’re magical) seeing this, there are no accidents.  It’s time you wake up and step FULLY into who you are, for yourself, your loved ones, and the world.

 The world is ready and waiting for you.


Will you be coming with me?


8 week program early bird investment through 8/4 at midnight: $2250 ONLY $397

After 8/4 – registration ends 8/8 at midnight: $497


Don’t delay any longer to saying “YES” to who you know you are and the life you’re ready to create for yourself.

Spots will be filling up, guarantee yours by signing up today.  Registration closes 8/8, program officially begins on 8/9.

Who am I and why did I create this for you?

Hi to all my magical Goddess Queens!  My name is Natalie Burrage and I am just like you and decided to embrace the REAL ME and wow did things change!  Just like you, I’ve known I’m different my whole life and finally thought that there has to be an easier way.  I sought out answers from many, many sources for many years to come back to one thing.  I already knew what to do.  Deep down, I was pretending not to know.  I was pretending that I wasn’t intuitive, had crazy synchronicity’s happen, would manifest BIG things in my life, and had an inner guidance that was never wrong.  I played it safe by disguising myself as a yoga and meditation teacher (which I love and still passionately do!), and I also got to discover that what I had to offer the world was so much more. Once I embraced this knowing, things began to change. I’m not here do the work for you or to have you listen to me as the final or only authority.  I’m here to be the catalyst and voice to connect you into your inner knowing and bust you through the illusions that arise on this journey so you can easily create the life of your dreams beginning today.  How do I do this?  By guiding you into your space of knowing because I have journeyed this myself and thousands of clients.

Early Bird investment: $397 or 2 installments of only $206 (paid upfront and 14 days later)

After early bird: $497 or 2 installments of only $267 (paid upfront and 14 days later)

Yes, I’m in!


Registration tips (when you click the link):
Click ‘series & memberships’ then ‘enrollments’ under Online store. 
Make sure you include your email so I can communicate directly to you.
After you register, make sure you find the “Magic of You” facebook group and click ‘join” so I can add you!