lyogaflow_0027Hi L-Yogi’s,

Natalie here.  I’ve been teaching yoga for almost 4 years now (!) and the most common thing I hear anyone say who is new to yoga or who’s never tried yoga but wants to is, “I can’t do yoga.  I’m not (fill in the blank – flexible, strong, etc…),”  AND IT’S JUST NOT TRUE!

Yoga is for everyone, including you.  Yoga isn’t how well you think you’re doing or not doing the postures, but it’s the breath, being present within yourself in the moment.  I know, it sounds like I’m selling you a bunch of crap to convince you to do yoga and make you feel good about yourself as you struggle along the way.  Not the case.  Lol.

The breath, moving your body even when it feels tight, resistant, and weak, is the essence of yoga.  It’s normal, every beginner starts here and you will move beyond it with practice.  Just showing up to class will do this.  Remember when you see international yogi’s, like Kino MacGregor, performing amazing postures with her body it’s normal to feel like you’ll always be a beginner and that you’ll never do that or get “there”.  And that’s okay.  That’s just the mind tricking you as it likes to with beginners, but what you have to remember is that yoga is for everyone, including YOU.

Yoga always works, always, as long as you do it.  You do not have to be flexible, strong, or peaceful to do yoga.  You don’t even have to enjoy the postures as you do them (everyone has the one’s they don’t like to do, do them anyway).  You just need to be willing to do your practice.  Your aches will go away, you’ll feel less annoyed by your boss (not saying you are lol), you’ll drop the 20 lbs. you’ve been struggling to lose and never did with the gym membership, you’ll like yourself more, you may even sleep better at night.  Yup.  Just a few of the hundreds, if not thousands of benefits the yoga practice gives you.  These are the benefits for everyone, beginners included, even those who feel they are tight, inflexible, and that “they’re no good at it.”

In the classes I teach, I like to say “any practice is a good practice.”  And it is.  Please remember that next time you step on the mat, whether you practice at home, at a studio, or with us at L-Yoga Flow.  No matter how much your mind says otherwise, and your body resists, remember that YOUR practice is a good practice even when you’re brand new.  And yoga is for you.

Sat Nam,