5 Yoga Principles that are Essential for Positive Thinking
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5 Yoga Principles that are Essential for Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking

5 Yoga Principles that are Essential for Positive Thinking

Having a positive mind can make a difference on your day to day activities. You have a fresh perspective on the world and find more learning opportunities. Creating a healthy habit energizes the body with positivity. You start to feel active and open to the challenges of the world with confidence. Yoga is one of the methods of keeping your body healthy and positive. However, there are no specific asanas that can render positive thinking. It only comes with a combination of five principles of yoga that we will talk about below. Following these principles will help you in improving your physical and mental state. When the body and mind come to sync, you can experience the feeling of bliss all by yourself.

The Asanas

Yoga asanas is the first principle of positive thinking which involves different exercise poses. Any form of exercise that improves the circulation in your body can make you free fresh and rejuvenated. The asanas release the positive hormones from the different chakras in your body through stretching. You can feel more flexible, strong, and positive. These chakras include Sahasrara, Manipura, Anahata, Vishuddha, Ajna, Swadhisthana, and Mooladhara. The release from these chakras promote positivity and flushes the negativity away.


The Pranayamas

Pranayamas or yogic breathing is the second principle for positive thinking. These are the methods to improve your breathing patterns which shifts your breathing from negative to positive rhythms. Rhythmic breathing allows better absorption of oxygen. Rhythmic breathing allows better absorption of oxygen and detoxifies the body. Removing the toxins from your body will create more space for positive thoughts.


Simple relaxing habit is also a yoga principle which helps to calm your mind and body. After the asanas and pranayama, when your body has experienced a rush, relaxation can provide the right channelling to calm down your brain. A stress-free body makes the mind more relaxed and expels negative thought process.


Meditation is a method of leaving the materialistic values of life for finding peace within ourselves. In the old times, the sages used power meditation techniques to connect with their inner selves and create self-awareness. You can also start meditating by simply closing your eyes and breathing right. Concentrate on your breathing and try to keep as fewer thoughts in your head as you can. In the beginning, you will not understand the point of this, but slowly you will realize how meditation takes you on a different level.


The right diet

When you are maintaining a healthy routine with yoga, you also need the right diet to provide the necessary nutrients to your body. Yoga practitioners believe that we are what we eat. The more fresh your food can be, the better energy will flow through your body. Add more vegetables and fruits to your diet that will provide more liquidity in your body and keep you fresh.