Ever find yourself telling your best friend advice that is amazing, right on, and yet when it comes to your own life, feeling like you don’t have a clue or know where to start?  Maybe all it takes is stepping outside of yourself.

We’re human, we’re alive, we’re going to grow every single day of our lives.  Accept this as a blessing.  The moments you used to run from, dread, and not know how to handle, those are your power.  Embrace it.  Feel it.  Love it.  Be it.


Sometimes it takes stepping outside of yourself to have enough distance to feel and harness the power behind what’s going on, rather than being burdened by it.  The same situation with two perceptions produces two different experiences – one liberates, the other one puts you in bondage.  This is all done by you.  You choose.

Next time you have a choice of freedom or fear and aren’t sure which road you’re going down, imagine yourself stepping outside of your body giving the friendly, loving advice you’d give to your best friend.  Take your time with yourself, you deserve it.  Look at yourself through the eyes of love, acceptance, and the champion of all you’ve been through, as tell yourself what you need to hear, just like you’d do your best friend.  Try it and see what happens.  Simple, powerful, life-changing.

You get so much further with love.  And it feels so good.

With Love,