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Hi L-Yogi’s!

Some of the questions I get asked the most when I share with people that L-Yoga Flow is a self love approach to the yoga practice are:

  • Do I picture something specific?
  • Is this a gentle easy practice, what if I want to sweat and lose weight?
  • Will I be meditating the whole time?
  • Is it hard?
  • I don’t get it?  What do you mean?

Self love is a powerful approach to the yoga practice that opens up your heart center to kindness and compassion whether you’re in a beginners’ yoga class or getting your butt kicked in an advanced one.  It’s a state of mind that says “when I forget to be kind and I’m judging myself, I’m willing to choose again to honor & fully embrace myself.”

Self love is about showing up for yourself regularly on the mat because you know a strong, healthy, well cared for body is what you deserve.  Self love is a kind, gentle, and no b.s. approach to navigating everything that happens both off and on the mat.  If you tend to stay “safe,” ignore your own needs, or shy away from any sort of challenge that would be beneficial to you, then a self love commitment would  mean you do “more” and stay with the challenge a little bit longer.  If you tend to push or do too much then self love is about pausing, resting, and honoring your true physical needs during the practice.

It’s about fully embracing life.

There’s nothing to run from anymore.

I’ll say that again.  It’s about fully embracing life.  There’s nothing to run from anymore.

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Living from a self-love, heart centered space liberates you from all of the self defeating tendencies that have kept you stuck for years.  Whether it’s in your work, family life, body, etc…it’s time to love yourself into a space of the highest expression of who you are.  How can you practice self-love both on and off of the yoga mat?

Remember all you have to do is show up on the mat and be willing to open your heart.  The rest will be done.

Xoxo with Love,


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