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This week’s mantra is about harnessing the power of rituals for your yoga practice and life.  How many times do make a new goal for yourself, only to feel trapped by trying to achieve what it is that you wanted in the first place?  You write out the plan of what you’ll need to do to make it happen, then after a few days, weeks, or maybe even months you begin to feel trapped, weighed down…and you just don’t feel like you want it anymore.  This is when harnessing the power of rituals and yoga can help to fuel you forward rather than getting stopped right here.

October’s theme was focusing on using mantras and your yoga practice to help you release what no longer serves you.  This  creates room for the new to come in.  So how can a ritual (and what is it?) and the yoga practice help move you forward?  Rituals harness the power of repetition and contain intention which supports what you’re wanting to experience.  This can take on a very different feeling from a routine, which can feel boring, monotonous, and even smothering.  Even if you like your routine, I invite you to try a different approach and see if rituals don’t add more life and energy into you and the direction that you’re desiring to go.

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So how do you do this?  Think of rituals as repeated intentions with an action to give you energy.  This energy might be to fuel you in your day to day living or fueling a new goal.  There’s endless possibilities to creating your own ritual, here are just some examples:

1. You decide you want to eat healthier.  Before every yoga practice you say/set your intention of healthy eating and begin drinking tea as a way to symbolize the healthier actions you’ll be taking throughout your day.  You might imagine this giving you the energy to take better care of yourself.  You also tell yourself the more you speak your intention and drink the tea, this fuels your goal of naturally eating healthier.

2. You want a raise/new position at work.  Before your yoga practice you say/set your intention that the energy of the practice fuels you in the right direction professionally so you can be successful.  You also commit to 10 minutes a day reading a new book that will help you with your professional life, imagining this is a symbol in you achieving that next step with your new skill set.

3. You want to “clean up” your thinking and practice more gratitude so you feel better.  You set an intention that the energy of your yoga practice help you to naturally see the good in every situation.  You also decide to write down 10 things every day that you’re grateful for to add more positive energy into your life (after all like attracts like).  You tell yourself that the act of writing it down symbolizes the energy you’re gaining to “be positive.”

There are endless possibilities, and no “one way” to create your ritual.  Remember you want your rituals to feel freeing and empowering!  You might want to try it for a specific amount of time so you don’t get overwhelmed with feeling like it has to be “forever” (7 days, 30 days, etc…).  Have fun with increasing your power in your yoga practice and life.  Happy practicing and please leave comments either here or on our social media pages sharing your experience!

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