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Hi L-Yogi’s!

Natalie here.  This week’s blog is about the power of presence and how practicing this can make an immediate difference in your life connecting you to love, compassion, kindness in every moment.

I had the pleasure of meeting an inspiration of mine this month at a private dinner, a man named Lewis Howes (check him out if you’re unfamiliar with him).  Lewis has been inspiring me from afar for a couple of years now and now it makes sense why.


*In that moment* I was reminded that WE ALL have the ability to be that powerful and it’s right within us.  This isn’t reserved for those of you who are teachers, healers, or speakers…this is within every single one of you.  The magic is in completely ENGAGING with whomever or whatever is right in front of you with all of your heart, mind, and breath.  When you bring attention and willingness to love into the moment, not only are you a powerful catalyst for change for someone else, but guess what?  YOU benefit.  You’re bringing that into your life for yourself in that moment.  It’s a WIN-WIN.

Tweet this – My full presence in every moment is my POWER.  

Try practicing this this week, ESPECIALLY the moments where you feel anything but connected or engaged with what’s going on.  Being fully present doesn’t mean you have to love what’s happening or even jive with the person you’re interacting with.  It means that you’re willing to be present in your body with what is, knowing this is YOUR POWER.  Remember that yoga connects us to practicing this, and now it’s time to apply this magic off of your yoga mat.  You might just surprise yourself with how amazing you feel in an instant.

Gifting you with presence…see you on the yoga mat L-Yogi’s.

Lots of Love,

Natalie xoxo  🙂 

P.S.  To check out Lewis Howes, go to  To pick up his New York Times Best selling book (you want to, trust me), visit  

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