Hi L-Yogi’s, Natalie here.  Those of you who are here in America and celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas!  This is a season for miracles, but then again it’s always a season for miracles.

Those of you that attend my classes at the L-Yoga Flow studio here in Columbus (Gahanna), Ohio often hear me make references to Marianne Williamson, Gabby Bernstein, and most importantly a book called A Course In Miracles.  What does this possibly have to do with yoga?  Because it allows for our practice on the mat to transform in the hugest of ways off the mat.

For about 10 years of my yoga practice, I didn’t get what “off the mat” meant.  I mean, I stepped onto the mat for an hour, this was my “spiritual” time, felt excited about the way it was transforming my body, and it was pretty awesome it calmed me down too.  When I stepped off the mat I went back to my bulls**t ways (I was in my early 20’s) and thought well that “60 minutes accounted for something, didn’t it?”  What I didn’t realize is that 10 years later the moment I got what “off the mat” practice meant, my life would transform.

How you show up (react, play out, the choices you make out of love or fear) for yourself in a pose, is EXACTLY the way you show up for yourself in life and every situation.  Do you instantly get frustrated because you can’t do a posture?  Chances are there is some area of your life that you’re frustrated with because it didn’t “instantly” happen.  Do you totally shy away from any challenging posture, because you don’t want to look (or feel) stupid (we’ve all been there) in the class?  Chances are you’re shying away from something somewhere else in your life because of the same reason.  And that’s all okay, no need to “judge the judge.” But this is the moment where you can transform and bring yourself back into a space of love for yourself and what’s being shown to you.  That’s the space where miracles occur.

Now what does this have to do with A Course In Miracles?  Because LOVE IS EVERYTHING.  When we make a choice to live in love, rather than fear, our life begins to radically shift.  Just like yoga, this choice is a practice.  It’s not that all your “crap” or “stuff” doesn’t come up again, because it will (hardcore), but it’s in those moments the magic lies.  Love or fear?  Those are your only two choices.  And you my friend are worth every bit of love the Universe can pour into you.  You can allow the Yoga practice to tune you up,  take all that energy with you throughout your day, and in every moment remember you have a choice of love or fear.  THAT is your practice.

As we’re winding down 2013 and heading into 2014, I’m getting some big things ready for you all at L-Yoga Flow and couldn’t be more excited.  2013 was a big year of learning, growing, and shifting within myself and as a result I will be introducing you all to life changing things in 2014.  This will be the year you clear your blocks, open to life and love fully, and allow the yoga practice to support you on and off your mat.  Get ready because it’s time, it’s your time, and that’s why you’re here.

With much love,

Natalie Kristine