New To Yoga?

Anyone can do yoga who has the desire to.  Whether you’re a beginning yoga student or just new to L-Yoga Flow, L-Yoga Flow has a class to meet you where you are.

Set to rejuvenating music, L-Yoga Flow strengthens, energizes, refreshes, and enlightens you to the power of You.  You become stronger, more flexible, peaceful, and positive one class at a time.  L-Yoga Flow classes will leave you more powerful in mind, body, and spirit, no matter your age, strength, or flexibility level.

Our yoga classes for beginners include various styles and routines that will ensure you will enjoy yoga and other physical activities for many years to come. Practicing yogis who are new to L-Yoga Flow will experience yoga in a whole new way by incorporating the power of positive feeling into the class.  L-Yoga Flow is more than yoga, it helps you to create your best life.

We’re confident that L-Yoga Flow has something for everyone.  Right now we are offering a FREE WEEK of UNLIMITED YOGA to all new students. Get your FREE YOGA coupon!  Can’t join us at the studio or prefer to do it from the comfort and convenience of your home?  Check out our online yoga!

Once you complete your free week of yoga classes, we have a variety of membership options and yoga class styles from which to choose.

Let us help you prepare for your first yoga class, or find general yoga information in our list of Frequently Asked Yoga Questions. Need to contact us directly?  Contact us here.