Hi L-Yogi’s,

As you dive deeper into the energy of gratitude this month within your yoga practice, you may have discovered that some uncomfortable moments have come up for you.  Anytime you embark on change, or living more positively, it’s inevitable that “the negativity” will rear it’s ugly head.  Welcome to your ego.

Ego is fear and typically will intertwine itself into any situation, even the good ones.  As you’ve kept up your gratitude practice this month, maybe you’ve noticed days or moments that just felt off and perhaps you even felt like you’re back to square one.  You’re not.  You’re simply becoming more aware and in a space to release what doesn’t serve you anymore.

The body is a wonderful gateway to healing, hence the power of the yoga practice (tweet me) and why it’s so important to keep up.  When you combine a regular physical yoga practice with the inner awareness of the willingness to change you can experience miraculous shifts.  It won’t come in a big dramatic moment outside of yourself, but it will come in the form of relief and peace of mind from within, which may be mirrored in something wonderful outside of you happening.

Some of you might be wondering “how do I do this?”  Here’s one example that life recently taught me: While interacting with a friend this week, I noticed there had been tension that I didn’t want to be there.  Rather than responding defensively, I paused to ask myself, “what’s the real outcome I want from this?  What do I really want?”  And the voice within said, peace and love.  In that moment, I knew I had to drop my ego’s agenda and respond with the intention, energy, and words that said “I want peace and love with you” rather than defending back which would’ve shaped the conversation entirely differently.  My response came from that space, genuinely, and it felt good.  Because I put out peace and love which is what I wanted, that’s what I received back from within myself and ultimately from my friend.  Your energies shape not only your perception but the possibilities of what might happen (tweet me).  

Magic Mantra:  I am (insert feeing of what you want). *repeat this until you feel better and connect to it in the core of your being.*

I encourage you this week to pause, especially in the moments when you feel frustrated, angry, tired, etc…and remember you are shaping your space.  Embrace and honor whatever you may be feeling, but let your words and actions come from the feeling of the outcome you want.  You want peace?  Speak and project peace into your words as you drop your defenses.  Do you want understanding?  Be understanding to what’s in front of you.  You want love?  Speak and project that in your words and extend it first without any expectation.  Regardless of what happens, you will feel different and amazing.  And remember to practice this on your mat.  The mat is always a great training ground for the real practice, life.

Feel free to share your experiences, I’d love to hear them, as we’re all in this together.

With Love,


P.S.  Please spread the light and share.  Thank you ahead of time 🙂