Hello L-Yogi’s,

You’ve probably noticed that the more you practice yoga, you realize the physical practice is just the tip of the iceberg and awareness of your mind and the way it thinks soon becomes the real practice.  This week’s mantra is about that.

Monday’s Mantra is “I am with peace in all of  my relationships.”  This came to me as I have been contemplating my relationships and interactions.  All of us want peace, but how do we “get” it or “feel” it, when it’s the LAST thing that we’re experiencing or the person in front of us might be giving us the exact opposite.  If you’re anything like me, it’s hard to “fake” if you’re not really feeling something, so how do you get there?

I purposely phrased this week’s mantra the way that I did for that reason.  “I am with…” denotes that there is someone or something beside you.  Rather than “pretending” that the angry person that might be in front of you is peaceful (doesn’t work too easily) or rather than pretending you’re feeling peaceful when you’re stressed (hard to ignore that feeling in your gut), I want you to feel like you have a friend right beside you, and it’s Peace.  It is your companion and it’s the “third party” in every situation, no matter where you go.  So whether you or the person in front of you is even feeling remotely peaceful, you can choose to connect to the idea of peace being with you wherever you go because it’s beside you to lean on when you need it most.  There’s no pressure on you to “fake” it, but you can tune into, relax, and surrender knowing that you have a strong energy right with you at all times…called Peace.

Today’s tweetable: There’s no pressure to fake it, because peace is with me.

Rest with this when you feel weary, rest with this when you feel angry, rest with this when something is happening to you that you don’t like, and especially rest with this when you feel good and things are flowing.  Let the energy of Peace be your companion this week, on the mat with your L-Yoga Flow practice, and off the mat where the real practice happens.



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