Hi L-Yogi’s,

This week’s mantra connects us deeper to the power of surrendering and receiving, our theme for the month.  When you find yourself in moment’s that feel like “they are enough,” you tend to relax in both your body and mind, feeling content and happiness in the moment.  It’s when you’re searching, especially to something outside of yourself, that you’ll experience feeling uptight, and the body responds with stiffening and shallow breathing.  Without knowing it, you’re resisting the moment which puts the breaks on feeling good.  So how do you feel like this moment is enough, especially when you don’t?

When you combine the power of a mantra in with your practice, magic begins to unfold.  I have found it personally helpful to phrase a mantra like a question, because it is always answered.  You will notice subtle (or obvious) clues throughout your day that are “answering” what you put out there.  It’s like a magic formula, try it for yourself and see!

Today’s tweetable: When you combine the power of a mantra in with your practice, magic begins to unfold.

You can use this week’s mantra/intention in the beginning of your practice, letting it work it’s magic.  If you immediately connect to the mantra as it is, great!  But if you aren’t sure how to connect to it, ask yourself the question, “how can this moment be enough?”  Trust that you will be shown the answer as you let the mind focus back on the breath and the postures of your practice.  Have fun with this mantra this week and use it anyway you like!  Remember you can’t get it wrong, so let the mantra add some magic to your practice!


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