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Hi L-Yogi’s,

The theme of the yoga practice this month is Gratitude, perfect to begin the holiday season here in the U.S.  You often hear “count your blessings” but have you ever wondered why?

When you are feeling grateful for something that happens to you, all you tend to feel is good.  This eliminates the momentary stress, tension, or resistance that you may have been experiencing in your day.  This isn’t about pretending that you don’t experience other emotions, whether happy or sad, that are healthy to feel and express.  But this is about remembering that you always have the power to make yourself feel better.  A simple, yet powerful mantra to use is:  Thank you.

This week when you come to the mat to practice, begin by silently saying thank you, beginning with yourself and continue until you feel yourself begin to relax or feel better in some way.  Once you begin to feel better, either continue repeating it or begin to extend it out around you to anything that comes to mind, whether it be an object in front of you, the person next to you in yoga class, or your boss that pops into mind.  Continue to repeat “Thank you” imagining that you are feeling this energy filling you up and overflowing into everything around you.

If you want to get “radical” about it, try practicing “Thank you” to absolutely everything no matter what it is that happens.  Rather than reacting, take a moment to breathe, silently say “Thank you” and then proceed.  Remember that what you practice on the mat, you can always practice off the mat.  You are worthy of feeling good, so remember to tell yourself thank you when you show up for yourself anytime, even with your yoga practice.

With Love,


P.S.  Spread the light!  Share this with anyone that you love that may benefit from this 🙂