Hi L-Yogi’s,

This week’s blog is inspired by Valentine’s Day and is all about love, the love that flows through you and is always with you.  But how do you open up to this more, especially when you feel like you’re lacking?  By showing up for your personal practice every single day.

Whether it’s your yoga practice, meditation, or your breath practice, showing up for YOU in a positive way is vital to keeping your “tank on full.”  It’s all too easy to say you don’t have time, and maybe you think you really don’t.  But when you’re running on empty it’s hard to be your best for anyone and everything around you suffers as a result of it, you included.  It’s time to give yourself the commitment and love that you deserve.  

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Going into this Valentine’s weekend decide to make daily self commitment a priority for you. Show up for yourself every single day, especially when you don’t feel like it.  Love isn’t about when you feel like it, but it’s about devotion, and this energy will carry you very far in all you do.  Go for a “high quality” I love you, like with a full yoga class or some deep breathing before you go into work in the morning rather than what I like to call a “junk food” I love you, something momentarily satisfying, like buying something you won’t care about in a month or having that extra glass of wine you know will make you feel bad tomorrow (again), but will leave you the same amount of “empty” after the moment passes.  If you find yourself going for the minimum effort for yourself…give to yourself a little bit more.  You are worth more than the minimum.  Be open to recalibrating what “I love you” means to you and by you.  And remember to cut yourself a break if you happen to miss a day.  It’ll happen, you’re human, be kind and just show up the next moment or day for yourself.  The more you take care with your self, your outer world will reflect this.  

Happy Valentine’s Day L-Yogi’s.  I hope you give yourself the gift of love by connecting to it within.

With Love,


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