Hi L-Yogi’s,

The theme of December is compassion, which is perfect for this time of year and the spirit of Christmas.  Compassion is something that you naturally begin to embody more after beginning the practice of yoga.  So how can compassion, an open heart, and your yoga practice possibly “get you what you want?”

Being compassionate towards yourself and others has a beautiful way of softening you to the effects of life’s stressors.  These moments of softness require incredible inner strength and are too often interpreted as being weak.  However if one is weak, there isn’t the strength to be compassionate.  Caring about alleviating (or reducing) your own suffering along with your fellow human beings is an incredibly strong space to be in.  The willingness to be in this space and let this energy pour through you is exactly what will get you what you desire.   It’s easy to confuse “getting” with material possessions, and sometimes it may come in that form.  But what you’re really after is that peace, hope, joy, love, relief, etc…that you get momentarily through the “stuff” but it’s lasting form is in our actions, deeds, and the feelings we embody.

Your yoga practice helps to remove the “funk” in your mind and body that accumulates from everyday living so you’re in the space of being able to choose something better for yourself.  Think about the last time that you did something nice for someone, helped them out, or didn’t “try to get even.”  You probably felt incredible afterwards, as you reflected on how glad you were for not doing that.  In that moment you gave yourself exactly what you were seeking because you embodied that energy.

So how can you practice it?  The simplest way to start is in your mind.  Next time you become aware of judging someone or thinking something negative towards them, bless them for the happiness that you want.  Yes, blessing them for what YOU want.  This is a life changing practice that instantly has a positive boomerang effect on you.  Try it and you will experience how instantly free you become.  If you’re called to take it further through action then do so, but you can start with your thoughts, for it really begins there.

Try this for 7 days to see how you feel.  Imagine that the energy of compassion is opening your heart to guide you, knowing that you’re being lead towards what you want as you practice this.  You can even set this as an intention before your yoga practice or remind yourself during the practice when those judgmental thoughts about yourselves and others can sneak in.  Be willing to try this and see if this gets you want you want.  Happy Practicing.

With Love,

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