Hi L-Yogi’s!

This week’s mantra is about choosing and learning to trust yourself which is vital when things seem uncertain or even chaotic in your life. How many times have you freaked out in the moment, to then look back and realize it all turned out okay? This mantra will help to soothe your mind and heart when it’s the last thing that you feel. It’s simple, but the effects are powerful.

Try beginning your day with this mantra as you breathe deeply.  Say it meaningful and slowly, really “hearing” what you are saying. This is something the can be easily repeated while getting ready or even driving in traffic. Definitely bring this onto the yoga mat with you, especially when you’re in the postures that you still feel unsure in. You may want to take a couple of minutes in a posture that you don’t like (we all have them) and repeat this mantra silently as you breathe deeply into your body and the physical and emotional spaces that resist you. Observe the affect that this has on you.

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Remember to release the need for looking for any kind of result as you repeat this mantra.  The need to see things “now” can trip you up and just make any stress or uncertainty you’re feeling worse. Trust that if you repeat this enough and if you’re willing to believe what you’re saying, that it will have a positive and powerful affect on you, because it will.

Your self care practice, whether it be meditating, yoga, mantras, or all of the above is easy to do when you’re “in the mood.” Commit to yourself in a deeper way this year and do this day in, day out, and especially when you need it most. And if you forget? That’s okay.  This is not about being perfect, it’s about doing your best. Be kind to yourself as you continue your journey.  And most of all trust yourself.

With Love,
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