Hi L-Yogi’s,

This week’s Magic Mantra expands upon last week’s theme of trust since so many of you found it so helpful.  Trust is key when you want to enjoy life, both in this moment and with what’s to come.  When you trust, you’re able to move ahead with ease, peace of mind, and joy and the stress you’ve been feeling either diminishes or melts away all together.  In the times that you’ve forgotten to trust life, all kinds of chaos probably feels like it’s unfolding right in front of you.  This week’s mantra will help you to go from feeling stressed and chaotic to feeling peaceful, powerful, and looking forward to what’s coming next knowing you are supported every step of the way.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that there is a life force supporting you, especially when you’re experiencing things that are unpleasant or downright “bad”.  This is when it’s important to dig deep within yourself and keep connected to the truths that will guide you through.  Trust is a choice that you make for yourself simply because you realize that your way of interpreting things no longer works for you.  Trust leads to happiness, joy, believing that your desires will come to fruition, and seeing the good in all things.  It helps you to love life (more) and feel relaxed in every moment.  Your a joy to yourself and others.  It’s connects you to your divine power knowing that what you want will come to pass.  Quite simply, you feel better.  A lot better.

Magic Mantra:  I trust life.  I trust all is supporting me and my desires.

I invite you to use this mantra in the morning, on your way to work, definitely when the you-know-what hits the fan, and of course on your yoga mat.  Repeat it as much as needed.  It’s not uncommon to silently (or out loud) repeat mantras for minutes upon end.  Do it until you feel better.  I welcome you to begin your practice shifting the focus from the physical postures  (“will I jump back today?” for you vinyasa lovers lol) to “how can I trust today?”  Ask better questions, you get better answers.  Know that you are supported and life loves you.  Trust that.

With Love,


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