Mantra yoga giving

Hi L-Yogi’s,

Even though Valentine’s Day is over, February is the perfect month to really connect to the energy of love, the source of everything.  How does the yoga practice and the subtle energy of giving open you up to this endless river within and around you?  This week’s magic mantra connects you to the power of this.

When you begin the yoga practice, it seems very much a physical practice.  You’re focused on the body, how the muscles feel, what you look like.  Over time, you tune into the subtlety of the breath and the energy which is the real power of the practice.  Yoga is a way to “fill up” to counterbalance the fast pace and stress of the modern world.  When you’re “full” and feeling good, you have plenty to share with those around you.  So how does giving connect you to receiving what YOU’VE been wanting?

Magic Mantra: The more I give, the more I receive. (tweet me!)  

When you come from an open heart and release an expectation to receive anything in return, that’s when the magic happens.  When you open to give, whether it’s understanding, compassion, love, patience, etc…that is what you’re receiving because that energy, aka feeling, is flowing through you.  Try it.  Not only is this a gift to whomever is in front of you, but one to yourself as well.  What you do for another, you do for yourself.  When you allow the yoga practice to open you up beyond the physical stretching, into the endless stream of energy that’s all around you, wonderful things can happen.  Allow yourself to be opened to the power of giving and watch it transform your life.

Try out this mantra, feeling yourself opening up to the endless stream of energy all around you.  Repeat it out loud or silently as you begin your day, anytime you need a break at work, or before your yoga practice.  One minute of a positive reminder can make ALL the difference.  Remember you’re giving from a source bigger than you, so you’re not depleting yourself.  As you’re giving to those around you, you’re giving to yourself as well.  I’d love to hear how your yoga practice connects you to this.  Feel free to leave comments below or on our social media channels.

With Love,


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