Hi L-Yogi’s,

We’re diving deeper into compassion this month using mantras with the yoga practice to open you up into a new space with this energy.  A lot of times it’s easier to remember to be compassionate towards others, but what about yourself?  Today’s blog takes you deeper into that.

As a result of practicing yoga, you may notice yourself wanting to be kinder, nicer, and more understanding of others, which is wonderful!  But do you give the same to yourself?  You want to make sure that the positive energy that you’re putting out into the world is also being turned within.

The beautiful thing about the yoga practice is that it makes you aware of the space you have to breathe, pause, and reflect on your next action rather than responding with knee-jerk reactions all the time.  You create your own world through your thoughts, actions, and perceptions.  As you practice compassion, you tune into how you have the power to reduce your suffering through changing these.  A natural by product of reducing your own suffering is the reward of feeling more peace within.  This week’s mantra will help you to connect to that.

Magic Mantra: I create my own peace (tweet this).

Before you start your yoga practice, meditate, or begin the morning reflect silently (or out loud) on “I create my own peace.”  Let these words vibrate through you.  Even if peace is the last thing you feel in this moment, trust that the power of the words will shift something within your day and yourself, because they will.  Let this mantra carry you into every situation, reminding you that you have to choice to create peace, reduce suffering, and radiate compassion both inward and outward.

A lot of times when someone is new to these types of intentions or mantras it can be hard to believe that this will “change” anything.  The good news is that you don’t have to believe it, but your willingness to practice it will produce a shift that you’ll notice.  Your willingness to take action will get you there.

Enjoy practicing this mantra, and even if you have moments when you forget, that’s okay!  When you do remember, repeat this mantra giving yourself the gift of peace this week, both on and off the yoga mat.  Please leave comments on here or on our social media pages about how this is going for you, we’d love to hear it.

With Love,

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