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Hi L-Yogi’s!

This week’s Modern Yogi post is about how the practice of loving your body will change your life.

One of the mantras here at L-Yoga Flow is “Love your body.”  Why?

Because that’s when bad habits fall away, that’s when you raise your standards to kinder self talk, that’s when you physically take care of ourselves in a way that honors your first home, your body.

We believe in the power of loving the body through the power of the yoga practice.  As you know, yoga is unlike anything else.  Yes you become more physically fit, like most forms of working out.  But something deeper happens, that you haven’t experienced elsewhere.  You become kinder and more compassionate.  You treat yourself and others better.  The nervous habits and stress eating stop.  You lose weight that was covering up the real you.  You release limits you placed on yourself.

You don’t allow yourself to be treated unkindly.  Either by yourself or others.

The power of yoga works.  Yoga’s first results will be seen physically… stronger, leaner, healthier, flexible.  Then you notice anxiety disappears.  You experience an inner peace that you never thought was possible.  All because you took care of your first home and what we like to call your “temple” – the body.

How can you honor your body today?  How can you honor your body this week?

Commit to doing something NEW and BIG for yourself this week that shows honor of this temple.  Not what you’ve been doing and not something small that will keep you playing small.  Maybe you wake up early to do 20 minutes of extra yoga in the morning.  Maybe you fit in an additional class you’ve been nervous to try.  Maybe you commit to an extra hour of sleep at night and drink one less cup of caffeine during your day.  Commit to that thing you keep putting off that you know you’ll benefit from.

You are worth your 100%.  

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With Love,

Natalie Kristine, Founder