Classes - L Yoga Flow
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Class Descriptions


Love Yoga Flow’s classes range from beginner to more advanced and we’re proud to be home to vinyasa, kundalini, and hatha styles of yoga.

Have fun experimenting with finding the classes that are right for you!

Beginner Friendly Classes


ReFresh -The “original” L-Yoga Flow class. A beginner slow flow vinyasa class where you’ll build strength, power, & focus. Also perfect for experienced yogi’s who want to slow it down in their practice.

Essence – Are you ready to awaken & inspire your practice in a whole new way? This class combines vinyasa flow to warm up & strengthen your body followed by yin yoga to stretch out those tight spots & increase flexibility. But the magic doesn’t stop there. Essential oils will be used throughout the class to enhance your experience and awaken the essence of your practice in a whole new way. For beginners and advanced beginners.

Yoga Foundation -This is the perfect class for any new student or returning student to yoga. This foundational class with stretch, move, & strengthen your body & build your confidence each pose at a time.

Yin Yoga -Yin yoga is a quiet meditative practice which helps you reconnect to your body, increases flexibility and strength in the joints, builds stamina, and teaches you to still the mind. Long held poses are mostly practiced seated or lying on the floor and held in stillness for 30 seconds to 3 minutes allowing the connective tissues in the body to gently release. Truly an all-levels class, modifications and variations are taught for a comfortable practice that fits all bodies. Especially beneficial for maintaining range of motion at any age, a Yin practice brings essential balance & full benefit to any vinyasa based practice.

When You Want a Challenge


Liberate – This yoga movement fusion creates space for you to release inhibitions and liberate yourself. Reconnect with your body & soul through breath and movement in a way you never have so you carry this newfound freedom of your body off of the mat and into your life.

Strength -Strengthen your body & mind with this intermediate vinyasa flow class that will take your yoga practice & body to the next level! This class is designed to challenge you for where you are at as you fall deeper in love with the practice and your body. If you’ve been wanting a challenge, this is the class for you! This class is appropriate for advanced beginners, intermediate, & beyond.

Radiance -This vinyasa class builds strength through sun salutations , standing postures, deep twists, arm balances, & backbends. Build strength, power, & determination with this challenging class. Perfect for yogi’s who already have a practice & are looking for the next level.


A Favorite Class For All Levels


Modified Ashtanga Primary Series – A method of yoga synchronizing the breath with a progressive series of postures. Power, focus, strength, and energy will be created. Suitable for all levels.

Kundalini Yoga -Kundalini Yoga, known as the yoga of awareness is a self-realization practice as taught by Indian master Yogi Bhajan PhD. Kundalini aims to help you overcome the self-limitation of the mind while releasing tension and blockages in the body in order to realize your true blissful self. This class helps detoxify your body and build the energetic centers of the body or chakras. You learn & use powerful breathing techniques, postures, movements, and mantras to help you release physical and mental blocks. This yoga involves periods of exertion designed to strengthen your body, mind, and willpower, balanced with relaxation and meditation accompanied by spiritual music. All levels welcomed for this one of a kind experience.