Hi Everyone! I hope everyone’s doing wonderful!  I’m going to start uploading weekly yoga poses for you all to do at home.  We’ll begin with one pose a day, that way there are no excuses for not incorporating it in!  You can stay in the pose for a few breaths or a few minutes, the longer the better.

We’ll start this week off with Child’s Pose.  Why?  Because most of my clients, friends, and people I talk to have one thing in common – too much stress.  Stress from work, family, finances, etc…they’re plugged into the lack of (which is easy to do).  Connect to the truth of who you are and what’s available, which is abundance, through your breath.  This is just one reason why yoga is so good for you, each breath connects you to the abundance of everything, your Infinite Source.

Child’s Pose:

  • Begin slowly inhaling and exhaling through your nose at a comfortable, relaxed pace.  For those of you who have come to class, do your Arc Breathing.  Make your way to your knees on the ground.  Sit back on your heels keeping your feet together as you flare your knees hip to shoulder width apart.
  • Relax all the way forward allowing your forehead to rest on the ground. Reach your arms above your head, palms facing down and on the floor.  Really feel yourself sinking into the Earth.  Feel like you can finally relax and for a few moments nothing else matters.  Let your mind completely clear as your inhaling or exhaling OR if you find your mind is racing, focus it on really KNOWING that you’re being cared for, supported, and you can completely relax here on earth.  Breathe in all that’s Good…exhaling out your stress.  There’s no need to force, just allow this to happen with each breath.  You deserve it.  Mantra to focus on and breathe in:  I DESERVE IT.
  • When you’re ready, slowly sit up and stretch your arms overhead.  Be aware of how much better you feel and that you did this through breathing and re-focusing your mind.  You can do this anywhere.

I encourage you to begin and end your day like this.  The more the better.  Also something is better than nothing, so you’ll benefit from a few moments as well.  Treat yourselves and each other well.  Namaste!

**Come join me in class!  See current schedule for times and locations!**