L-Yoga Flow Manifesto

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  • Create your world around your center, inner guidance, Source.  Build your power from within and share your light with the world.
  • Your beliefs have the power to create your life.  Choose your beliefs to create your world the way you like.
  • Re-fuel your connection to your infinite spirit through meditation or L-Yoga Flow every day.  This will help you see and feel the beauty and grace that is already in and around you.
  • Choose Positive thoughts.  How you think creates your own experience.  You have the power to choose.
  • Do as many things per day that make you happy.  Happiness is a powerful energy for yourself and to share with the world that benefits everyone.
  • Believe in yourself.  You have the power to do, have, or create anything you want.
  • Surrender.  The Universe always has a plan that’s greater than yours.  Having peace of mind lies in surrendering to the moment at hand.
  • Choose happiness.  Happiness is the path.  It is a choice.
  • Remain open, willing to learn, and curious about the world.
  • Have fun.  It’s important to enjoy life and living and to share that with others
  • Be helpful.  This can be through your thoughts, words, or actions.  If it is not helpful, refrain from doing it.
  • Be loving, towards others and most of all yourself.
  • Practice compassion, towards yourself and others.
  • Celebrate others success and achievements.  Do not block the flow of prosperity into your life by being jealous.  The fact that someone has achieved means you can too.  Be grateful for the real world example.
  • Feel good in your body no matter what you look or feel like.  Connect to your body and take care of it by eating healthy and exercising.  Your body and you deserve for you to take care of it.
  • Be thankful.  Begin and end your day by acknowledging all you have and all that you desire to enjoy knowing it’s coming.  Gratitude is a powerful force and magnet for attracting blessings and lifting us into higher states of vibration, AKA feeling good.
  • We are meant to feel good, be happy, and enjoy life.
  • Step into your greatness.  Everything wonderful in this world happens as a result of people stepping into a bigger vision for themselves.  The world needs your gifts.
  • Be the best you and be okay with where you’re at.  Your power lies is in doing both at the same time.
  • Ask for the blessings in every challenge.  They are there.  You’ll be amazed at how your challenges are transformed into divine gifts when you ask to see this.
  • Trust that life has your back.  Move forward knowing you are fully loved.

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