Hi L-Yogi’s, Natalie here.  I came across an article today that compelled me to dive into what we never talk about here at L-Yoga Flow, the way that we look.  When I first opened the studio in April 2012, it was important for me to create a healing space that allowed all who entered to be healed in some way.  That’s why we mainly focus on the “inner” game here at the studio, since the outer is just a reflection of where we’re at mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Upon going through my Facebook feed this morning, I saw a post about Christina Aguilera attributing her recent weight loss to sessions with a Reiki Master.  I immediately knew these claims to be true, as when we address the root cause of any situation the outer manifestation will shift.  What’s this mean in plain English?  When we’re not looking to “feed” ourselves in some way with food, we can drop what’s been weighing us down, literally.

What a lot of you may not know is that I used to struggle with an eating problem in college. I was a chronic binger (without successfully purging) and you’d never know it because I looked like the picture perfect of health.  I certainly lived a “healthy” lifestyle, worked out, ate healthy, however a couple of times a month I would lose all self control and binged on food to the point of where I felt so sick I had to fall asleep for my body to process what I had just done to it.  Every time the cycle was the same, I felt extreme feelings of fear/anxiety, ate too much to cover up what I was feeling, passed out, woke up and told myself very judgingly that I’d never do it again and somehow I was “less than” for letting it happen in the first place.  Looking back now, I was trying to fill a hole that I believe can be only filled by one thing, coming into spiritual alignment with ourselves.

As I went from a casual practitioner of yoga to it now being my life, I realized that ONE effect that my yoga practice has had is that it has liberated me from this cycle completely.  It took quite a few years, but it no longer serves me in any way to treat my body like a garbage can when I know it is and I am a temple (aren’t we all?).  The yoga practice has shifted me into a space of honoring my body and happily taking care of it, to the point of where a lot of loved ones will joke about how healthy I am now.  But what they don’t realize is that it’s not a struggle and it’s no longer willpower, it’s a gift to feel good and take care with myself, and it’s a gift that yoga gave to me.

Any healing modality, yoga, reiki, acupuncture, etc…helps us to (as A Course In Miracles would say) “release all the barriers to love’s presence,”  meaning we drop the crap that drives us to do neurotic things and this allows our true state of balance and light to shine.  Our outer beauty can shine as a result of this.

A big congratulations to Christina Aguilera for choosing to walk this path, get to the root cause, and shine her light.  And congratulations to you all who are doing it everyday already.  Remember YOU are worth it and the world needs your light.

Sat Nam,

Natalie Kristine

P.S.  To check out the article click here http://www.starpulse.com/news/Lucy_Hobson/2013/12/13/christina_aguilera_lost_weight_by_reik