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Access Bars: The Class that Changes it All


Here are some of the results my clients (& myself) have gotten with Access Bars:

Depression gone
Anxiety gone
$15,000 increase in business within 3 weeks
Financial struggles gone
PTSD gone
Joy effortless, stress diminished
Self love & body love increased dynamically.


Body Bliss Body Process Class


aDo you have aches and pains? Do you treat your body like a machine? Do you walk around feeling like a head on legs? Would you like to change that and not only feel amazing in your body, but open up a whole different relationship to it?

Join me in this fun and amazingly rejuvenating body process class, where you’ll be gifting & receiving 2 Access Body processes that open up a whole different level of nurturing, peace, & bliss in your bodies.

If you desire to change anything with your body, this is highly recommended. There are no pre-requisites for this class and a phenomenal opportunity to receive potent energies for your body.

Date: Saturday July 28th , 10am-6pm
Where: Private Residence in New Albany
Price: $300