Hi L-Yogi’s,

This week’s post takes this month’s theme of surrendering and receiving even deeper and is about how to let go of the past so there’s room for the new to come in.  A lot of times when you begin the yoga practice, you tune into all of the physical benefits that you’re getting (stronger, toned, peaceful).  But the longer that you practice yoga, you realize it really is all about the inner journey.  So what happens when you’re on your mat and you realize that you’ve been carrying all this “stuff” (the past) with you and you don’t want to?  It’s time to let the practice help you to let it go.

Here are a few tips:

1.  Thank the past – when what you’re wanting to let go of keeps creeping in your mind, honor it.  Thank it for teaching you (after all you learned some lessons) and see it as a “teacher” helping you to refine who you are, rather than “that thing you don’t want to think about anymore.”  Literally thank yourself for who you are, acknowledging you did your best at that time.  You have the power to re-shape this experience in your mind, so allow it to be a positive one fueling you forward, rather than one that’s keeping you stuck.

2.  Focus on your desire for the new – sometimes when you’re taking that next step in life you become aware of how the past is blocking you.  You have two choices, either honor that you’re not quite ready for what it is that you’ve been wanting, or let your desire for “the new” outweigh your need to carry around the old stuff that’s been blocking you.  Both are okay.  Just be honest with what serves you more in your journey.

3.  Remember to use the power of mantras and repetition – using the power of words and repetition is huge to help you in moving forward.  One amazing mantra to use at the beginning of your yoga practice is “I am willing to let go of the past.  I open up space for the new.”  Dedicate your daily yoga practice to helping you move forward, without attachment.  Just focus on the mantra by repeating it silently or out loud at the beginning of your practice and be open to how this might appear in your life.  Repeat this mantra on a regular basis, preferably multiple times per day.  Remember all the little shifts add up to big changes.

Today’s tweetable:  I am willing to let go of the past to create room for the new.

I invite you to use this week’s mantra anyway you’d like to, especially adding it at the beginning of your yoga practice.  Spend some moments breathing and focusing the mind on it.  It’s okay if other thoughts come up, just keep your focus on the mantra, being excited at your willingness to let go what no longer serves you.  Remember it’s a practice for a reason.  If instant results happen, then wonderful!  But more realistically, it will be through your daily commitment that you’ll see little changes happen.  Let your yoga practice be a powerful tool in your life, after all that’s what it’s there for.


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