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Hey Everyone!  I want to thank everyone for connecting with me as a result of www.bodyrock.tv posting me on their website.  It’s super exciting to be creating a worldwide community with L-Yoga Flow.  My end vision is to have practitioners all over the world, so as this unfolds it’s pretty amazing…

Last week one of my clients in class asked me “Natalie what do you do on a daily basis to shift your energy so you feel better?”  I was able to share with her what I do, so I wanted to share it with all of you.

As soon as I wake up I meditate.  Not for very long, right now only 10-15 minutes.  I started this a few years ago when I was at a really challenging point in my life and it helped tremendously in helping me to feel more positive, hopeful, and optimistic, rather than feeling sorry for myself.  One meditation I’m doing right now is http://www.pinklotus.org/-%20KY%20Meditation%20for%20transformation.htm .  All meditating needs to be is sitting quietly and watching your breath, it doesn’t need to be anything like I do to have it benefit you.

Secondly, I write in my gratitude journal.  This only takes me 5 minutes or less.  I write 10 things I’m thankful for (because by #10 I’m feeling very appreciative therefore in the positive space I want to be in).  It may be my parents, friends, or the person I love, or something as simple as ‘I’m glad to be alive’.  There are days that I need to make a longer list.  I encourage everyone to write as many things as they are grateful for until they feel good (or better).  That’s the purpose of doing this 😉

Thirdly, I make an intention list for the day.  This is right below my gratitude list.  I had the pleasure of working with a fabulously talented intuitive person named Molly Luffy and helped start me on this path years ago (check out http://www.mollyluffy.com/).  This was one of the tools she got me in the habit of doing.  Setting intentions on the physical level helps you to focus your energy and action for the day and also allows you to be ready to take action when the right people, places, and things come into your life.  On the unseen level, where attention goes, energy flows, so we want to focus on what we want…this is the Law of Attraction.  Some intentions I may set are “I meet 5 new people who all become regular L-Yoga Flow practitioners” or “Thank you for showing me the next step to take with my business.”  Sometimes I set only a couple of intentions, sometimes I set 10 for the day…there is no right number, it’s whatever you’re feeling and what you’d really like to happen.  Always write these in the present tense like they’re already happening.  I also write 3 emotions associated with each intention.  So beside “I meet 5 new L-Yoga Flow practitioners” I may put “I feel excited, enthusiastic, and grateful.”  The emotion is the power.  The emotion of our intention is what we focus on in L-Yoga Flow to help physically manifest it.

Then I’ll do 10-20 minutes of L-Yoga Flow “to seal” the tone for my day.  (See the ‘Welcome to class!  Helpful Tips :)’ page on my website).  My brief morning yoga practice consists of my L-Yoga Flow principles, the arc breathing, magnetizing your heart (to those intentions and emotions!!!), and releasing your junk.  I always make sure to do at least 5-10 minutes if I don’t have time for a full 60 minute practice.

If you don’t have time to do these all at once, you can definitely do them when you have the time.  Some mornings, I don’t even have time to write in my gratitude journal, so I’ll be “giving thanks” as I drive to teach my morning class.  Then other days I may wake up super early and make sure I have time for my “full morning practice” which is all of these exercises.  The point is to do your best and do what is most helpful for you! 🙂

The purpose to all of these practices is to help you feel better and to adjust your energy so you can begin to attract better things to yourself.  Every now and again when I’m talking to someone about this they’ll say “but I don’t have time” and my thoughts are “do you have time to feel bad?”  This isn’t an “all or nothing” practice.  I view it as “do your best for that day” practice.  I hope this is really helpful to those of you who wanted to know more about what I do!  Please leave your comments, I’m always happy to receive them!

What’s behind everything I do?  It’s to remind others that everything is possible and to believe in ourselves.  This is our power.”