Hi L-Yogi’s,

This week’s mantra is about harnessing the power of gratitude with your yoga practice and how it can transform your life.  Most of you have probably heard phrases like “count your blessings” or have read that what you’re grateful for will increase in your life.  But it can be hard to remember, let alone believe, when the last thing you feel like doing is being grateful.  So how can you benefit by adding this into your life and your yoga practice?

Mantras help to focus the mind, heart, and Spirit and helps to focus the energy of the practice for a greater purpose within your life.  Adding in gratitude adds even more energy to your practice and your life!  Recall a time when you were feeling grateful, as you think about the memory you’re probably remembering how satisfied, calm, and happy you felt too as a result of this.  It’s not possible to feel grateful and crappy!  If you’re feeling yucky, you’re definitely not in the energy of gratitude.  So how do you “get” there or rather “be” there?

Imagine for a moment that you can see the energy of gratitude.  As you’re reading this, say to yourself “I am grateful for the room around me,” NO MATTER where you’re at.  You may or may not really be feeling grateful about this, but just say this to yourself.  Imagine that as you do, you see this  energy (the gratitude) filling up the room, the objects that you’re saying you’re grateful for, breathing life & energy into them…and then almost seeing the room take on a different look in your mind (one of your preference).  See the energy of gratitude transforming the space around you, as if life is being breathed into it.  Knowing in this moment that the power of gratitude contains the power to change, move, and shift everything you’re experiencing (work, school, business, love, play, whatever).  So if you’re feeling frustrated, stuck, or tired, begin practicing the power of gratitude, and YOUR LIFE will move.  Try it for 30 days and see.

Today’s Tweetable (tweet me!): I am grateful for what I see and experience around me.  

Some of you may be wondering, “so I’m supposed to lie to myself about (insert thing) being awesome right now, even though it’s not?”  NO.  What you do is thank that “thing,” also thank what you do enjoy which might be harder to find in a tough situation, but it’s there.  Here are some examples:

  1. You feel achy in your body and you put 10 lbs on due to and increased work schedule.  Mantra before your yoga practice: “Thank you for giving me the desire to practice today.  Thank you for the abundance of food I’ve been able to enjoy.  Thank you for extra work for financial security.  Thank you for helping me to accept myself.  Thank you for giving me the courage to feel.  Thank you for helping me to make healthier choices,”  rather than, “this sucks, I feel like crap, I hate my body, and my work just doesn’t understand that I have more to life than working all these hours.”  FEEL into both of those statements.  Which one feels better?  Choose what serves you, it’s your choice.
  2. You’re stressed because you have just enough money to pay the bills, but not a lot to enjoy life after that.  It’s been awhile since you’ve done something nice for yourself or loved ones, and you feel like it won’t get better.  Mantra before your yoga practice: “Thank you for giving me an intelligent mind to seek out other ways of increasing income.  Thank you for my healthy body so I can get a second job if I choose to.  Thank you for giving me a generous heart that desires to give to those that I love.  Thank you for blessing me with abundance in other forms,” rather than, “I’m so frustrated, things have never changed, I just heard about my neighbor losing his job, I’m tired of being broke, my friends get to enjoy nice stuff, I feel jealous of them.”  Which one would you rather feel and bring into your life?  Once again, you choose.

Of course beyond the mantra is taking action to create the change, but the most important thing is letting the energy of Gratitude bless your yoga practice, yourself, and your life.  You have the power to do that.  November is the perfect time to practice this, especially with the onset of the holiday season.  Write your gratitude mantras (or reminders if you don’t want them to be seen) down on your desk at work, your computer at home, your mirror in the bathroom.  If you practice gratitude along with your yoga this month, you’ll begin to see your life transform.  Share with us on our social media pages how your Magic Mantra has been helping you.

With Love,


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