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Hi L-Yogi’s,

Natalie here.  This week’s blog is about what to do when you feel like….ick!!!!!

Chances are if you’re reading this, there are times (maybe many) you’ve experienced in your life where things are going well, you feel almost too well, and then the voice of doubt creeps in or you start to fret, worry, or what I call “feel the ick.”

What is this?  Why are you feeling like this?

Because on some level you’re asking for more love…from YOURSELF.

Tweet this – When I feel icky, it’s a call to give myself more love.

When things are good, they are.  Let them be.  Celebrate them, feel gratitude for them, enjoy them.  Don’t let the voice of fear get in there and *create* stories of sabotage.  Recognize it for what it is which is little parts of you that are in need of unconditional, all accepting love from YOURSELF.  The *LOVE* isn’t what’s creating the fear.  It’s the old story that maybe carries self-rejection, hate, doubt, or lack of some kind that creates this feeling.

And there’s nothing wrong with you for feeling this.  It’s called your HUMAN.  We all do.

But there’s a choice and another way.  Next time the “ick” comes up, rather than trying to solve it or look outside of yourself in some manner, STOP and bring your awareness to your breath and BREATHE DEEPLY into whatever you’re feeling or what your mind is racing with.  All you need is LOVE and full acceptance in this moment, from yourself to yourself.  Stay with this full deep breath right into the ick for as long as you can or until it starts to disappear.  Whichever comes first.  One of the powerful benefits of the YOGA practice is it CONNECTS us to this ability to do this.

Remember things are good, they can be good, and they will be good.  No, GREAT 🙂 .  But it requires you choosing LOVE and not fear.

See you on the mat.

With Lots of Love,

Natalie xoxo

P.S.  I’d be most grateful if you shared this, THANK you!