I am so honored to be the featured bodyrocker on my internationally favorite workout site – www.bodyrock.tv!!!  In addition to my daily practice of L-Yoga Flow, I follow their workouts and cannot say enough amazing things about this website.  Here’s the link to my feature…http://www.bodyrock.tv/2011/01/08/bodyrocker-natalie-team-usa/

This is law of attraction in action!!!  I had an inspired vision to submit my story, then I took action (happily doing so), 3 days later…here I am!!!  My blog has received around 2800 hits as a result of this and I am so grateful to everyone who is taking the time to check me out.  I also want to thank Freddy and Zuzana for posting me, I truly love what they’re doing and am grateful in return to get the worldwide exposure for my brand that I have originally set forth for in my mind.

Keep setting your intentions, taking action, and believing in yourself!!!  I’ll see you guys in class! 🙂