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Hi Everyone!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day Celebration with friends and family.  I know I did!  It always seems like spending time with those you love lends itself to self-reflection or one question that I always seem to ask myself with EVERYTHING I do…which is Why?

Why do you do what you do?  Is it to increase happiness, freedom, fun, feeling good?  I know when I created L-Yoga Flow originally it was to feel more “connected” or straight up, Love.  It was something I felt like I was lacking at that point in my life.  Through meeting people along the way who have become dear friends and also amazing clients, it’s developed into something different for myself which is fun and happiness.  Fun and happiness that means you smile more, you enjoy who’s in your life more, you feel like you have more to give to those around you because you’re happy…I have a very dear friend who’s so happy at first you don’t believe it lol…but then after knowing her for almost 10 years you see what a gift her happiness is, which is to get you to realize your own happiness.

Why L-Yoga Flow?  How can this help you to discover your own happiness?  For anyone that’s done yoga, you know how good you feel when you’re done with class.  Add on top of that focusing on a positive goal/affirmation and you feel AMAZING.  My intention with L-Yoga Flow is to create a community where people of all sizes, ages, health conditions feel comfortable to come and participate in something that makes them feel good without feeling self-conscious.  Leave the bullsh*t of the world at the door, cause in my class it doesn’t matter.  Leave what’s broken, doesn’t work, you feel bad about, what he said/she said at the door and step into the world of getting in touch with feeling good again.  And that’s you, you’re fine just the way you are.  THAT’S why I created L-Yoga Flow and that’s what makes me happy, to share it with everyone else.  So do ONE thing today that makes you happy and notice how much more you have to give after that.

Namaste Friends 🙂

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