Hi all my L-Yoga Flow-ers!!!

I thought I’d share a recent email from a L-Yoga Flow client since I get asked this question a lot…”What do you do on a daily basis to be positive?”  I get asked this question a lot and wanted to share the conversation in case anyone else was also looking for a “daily practice” …I hope this is helpful to everyone!!!!


From Katie: “Wanted to ask you, I am really trying to focus my mind on the law of attraction and positive thoughts & feelings (if that is the “right” way to say it). I just finished reading the secret, and about to re-read, but that has been my eye-opening life-altering experience into that world and I want it! You display it personally & in class, with your “intentions”, and my favorite “finding your own inner peace amidst life’s distractions”. What do you fill yourself with each day, do you do some type of reading? I just want to fill myself up with that peace! Are there any other books that you would recommend? Just starting my journey….”

My Response:  “Hi Katie!!!  I’m so honored you asked me this! First let me just say how much I appreciate having you in class. It’s really an honor to share/teach. This part of my journey began maybe 6 yrs ago? I”ve always been into metaphysics/new age/self-development, but for all the knowledge I had I felt a real disconnect between what I knew and feeling empowered and following my truth. Through a series of events I came across the Secret, which was another turning point. I looked into each of the people they profiled and eventually I came across Jerry and Esther Hicks books (look at all of them!) which was well life changing. Those take the Law of Attraction and actually tell you how to “do it” in your daily life. It’s what really inspired L-Yoga Flow. I had never come across anything that explained to me what I knew in my heart. This was it…now the real challenge was the “doing!”

The science behind it all is quantum physics and neuroscience (Greg Braden’s info on YouTube is another one to look at). We basically need to re-condition ourselves, brain, to match the person/life we want…which is usually full of love, confidence, success, etc…the positive stuff. ;)So how do we do that when we’re not there? We do that through what we watch, listen, read, and pretty much surround ourselves in. It’s about reconditioning the subconscious…seems involved, but there are some basic things I do everyday:

1. Read or speak out loud affirmations
2. Look at my vision board
3. Listen to this first thing in the morning http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5nVqeVhgQE
4. Do L-Yoga Flow 5-6 days per week
5. Listening to anything by www.brainsync.com on a regular basis.

Keep in mind this is where I”m at now. It took 6 years to get to the point that it’s more on “automatic”, there was a lot of feeling like I’m back sliding as I “work on myself.” Two helpful tools at the beginning part of my journey were Molly Luffy (www.mollyluffy.com) and EFT. And most of this began clicking when I committed to a daily yoga practice. I truly know that without L-Yoga Flow the daily up and down of emotions, selfwork would still be way more challenging. That’s really why I created L-Yoga Flow. It takes everything, mind, body, spirit and in one hour you’re using these powerful tools to help transform yourself (the self- imagery). I highly highly recommend that you begin a daily L-Yoga Flow home practice.

Here are some significant books that influenced me:
1. Think and Grow Rich, Napolean Hill
2. All the books by Jerry and Esther Hicks (good starting point is The Law of Attraction)
3. You were born rich by Bob Proctor
4. The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder

Also I listen to a lot of the above mentioned on YouTube/Itunes. I believe it’s important to keep connected to greatness on a bigger level. It’s very easy to look at what’s right in front of you and get caught up in that. It’s important to keep our minds open to the “bigness” of greatness if that makes any sense.

It’s really important to do something “positive” like any or all of the above on an everyday basis. It’s like weight loss, if you want it to be permanent, it’s a lifestyle change, permanent adaptation. The biggest thing I noticed is to be patient, it will not happen overnight, but it will happen. And to DO. You can read all the books in the world, but if you don’t DO, you’ll stay right where you’re at. In the beginning I noticed I had to set aside time for my practices which at this point 6 yrs later are more automatic. It’s a constant process of being aware, which will develop. It’s all about practice. The more you do it, it becomes easier, your attitude becomes 2nd nature, it becomes automatic. Everything we want in life is about practice. So many, and I used to be like this, think if it doesn’t happen automatically or if we’re not there “by default” then it’s not meant for us – NOT TRUE! It’s just about hard work, persistence, and knowing that you can too (feel good, achieve something, etc…)!

I really hope this helps. Feel free to share anything with me as you go along or ask more questions. I could talk about this all day long, it’s what I truly love.

Love, Natalie :)