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kundalini vinyasa yoga

New Student Special!

If you’re new to Love Yoga Flow, we offer a special promotion so you can explore and fall in love with the classes that are right for you.

One month of unlimited yoga ONLY $45!

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Love Yoga Flow is here to guide you in transforming your body, mind, & spirit so you fall
in love with yourself and your life. Become a member in our amazing
community where hundreds of others have stepped into infinite possibilities of how
awesome life can be when you let LOVE + YOGA transform it.  You really can have
everything that you want. 


  • Unlimited Classes

  • Free Guest Passes

  • Access to Member Events & Specialty Offerings

  • Discounts Off Playshops, Immersions, & Programs

 BASIC – $69/month.  UNLIMITED yoga.  4 FREE guest passes/month.  Auto pay.  30% OFF workshops*.  6 month term.  Buy Now.

 ULTIMATE – $89/month.  UNLIMITED yoga.  8 FREE guest passes.  Auto pay.  FREE workshops.*  FREE specialty classes/events.  15% off private sessions.  One 30 minute Private Yoga Consult.  Immediate family members receive 50% off monthly membership.  6 month commitment.  Buy Now.

*excludes guest teachers.


Class passes

  • Single Drop-in class: $16/class.  Buy Now.  

  • 10 Class Pass: $130 (expires in 2 mo.).  Buy Now.

  • 20 Class Pass: $250 (expires in 3 mo.).  Buy Now.


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