Class Descriptions

Love Yoga Flow’s classes range from beginner to more advanced and we’re proud to be home to
vinyasa, kundalini, and hatha styles of yoga.  If you’re new, you’ll catch on to the terminology
quickly.  Have fun experimenting with finding the classes that are right for you!


Beginner Friendly Classes
We offer an amazing variety of beginner friendly classes that you’re guaranteed to fall in love with
(just a warning that you’ll probably fall in love with more!).  We encourage you to discover which
ones meet you right where you’re at by trying them all.


ReFresh & Flow – Our beginner friendly classes with attention to alignment and devotion to flow.
 Expect inventive and intuitive sequences guided by a steady breath to purify the body and relax
the mind.  A perfect fit for you if you want movement, strength, flexibility, and time in each pose.


Zen Hatha – Our unique hatha class where you gain confidence of the foundational postures and
have plenty of time to explore them before moving onto the next one. Perfect for those who want
to explore the foundational aspects of yoga before moving onto our other classes. You will leave
feeling “zen” in body, mind, and spirit.


Yin Yoga – Nothing like a good “stretch” to release pent up tension and stress in your body and
mind. Highly recommended as a compliment to all of our other classes or if flexibility and are your
top priorities.  Deliciously simple, yet powerful.


When You Want a Challenge


Strengthen – Just like the name says, the main objective is building strength in body and mind.
You will be challenged in a way that inspires you and takes you into the next step of your yoga
journey.  Previous experience is a must.


Radiance – Another fan favorite, this class has a reputation that precedes it to give you the
challenge that you’re looking for.  You’ll be encouraged to step into a new comfort zone as you’re
challenged with inversions, twists, and backbends.


A Favorite Class For All Levels


Kundalini Yoga – Known as the yoga of awareness. This practice uses breath, movement, and to
open up and balance all aspects of the body, mind, and spirit – allowing you to achieve and
maintain mastery of yourself.  Positive energy and a renewed outlook on life feels effortless.
All levels are welcome all the time. We encourage beginners to try at least 3 classes to begin to
understand the benefits of Kundalini.  Come to get strong, to transform every aspect of your life,
and to tune into the infinite power within you.

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