Hi Everyone!  It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged, actually way too long.  To be honest, I’ve been feeling “stuck” on what to post next on here.  For everyone who knows me, friends and loved ones, this probably comes as  a surprise since I live and breathe what we do here in class in terms of focusing our energy, making intentions, and using the power of our emotions and action to fuel creating what we want.  After all, L-Yoga Flow was created as a method to empower each and everyone who does it.  Sure, you begin practicing L-Yoga on the mat, which is 60 min. of yoga poses, with guided visualizations specific what you’d like to create for yourself, but it doesn’t stop there.  What’s exciting is that as you go through your daily life you’ll begin to want to use the techniques you learn here in class to help shape your everyday living.  It’s truly a different way of beginning to live, and it feels empowering and exciting.

So how can you do this outside of class?  Well for me, I personally begin my mornings by writing in my gratitude journal and focusing on what I truly want by writing down my intentions for the day.  If I have an important call to make or an event is coming up, I’ll set an intention for what I’d like to have happen, and then I proceed ahead having faith that truly what’s best will happen.  The most immediate effect from focusing your energy is noticing you feel more confident, clear, and sure of your self as you move ahead with your goals.  Those feelings can only have a positive effect on what you’re doing!  

There is always one important piece to the puzzle that’s easy to forget when you’re looking to create and attract new things for yourself…ACTION!  I remember when I was 25 and thought if I just meditated more then I’d get what I want – lol!  Needless to say I became very frustrated after no one showed up on my doorstep, surprising me with whatever it was that I had been visualizing.  Our energy is powerful, and so many people are just now becoming aware of the power that emotions, thoughts, visualizations have to shape our future.  So be honest with yourself if you feel like there’s an area of your life that your frustrated with…what ACTION are you taking?

As always I love to get feedback from everyone, so feel free to comment or email me!  I hope to see you in class soon!

Namaste 🙂