Hi Everyone!!!

As I prepare for Wednesday class tonight, I’ve been reflecting on what is…or what the Law of Attraction would say “appreciating what is and how it will get you to where you want to be.”  These words and really feelings of the message couldn’t have come across my path at a better time.

I’m just like everyone else in terms of sometimes getting frustrated, overwhelmed, down, annoyed, etc…so many times people say things to me that leave me realizing they think that I have it all figured out…not at all, and I say that proudly 🙂

One of the main reason why I created my L-Yoga Flow Method is to just feel better…to have more control over my internal feelings, my “story,” and how I was contributing to the energy and dynamic of the relationships in my life.  I did notice fairly immediately when I began doing my L-Yoga Flow, that as I flowed through the yoga poses with the specific intention of connecting to Source, filling myself up with Love and the energy that creates worlds, not only did I feel better, but my perspective changed, and things that previously stayed on my mind began to shift.  Ahhh…relief!!!  For those of you into these teachings know how powerful and significant “relief” is and for those of you who are still “newbies” think about what “relief” means to you next time you reach for something that makes you temporarily feel better.   I knew if my method of Yoga worked for me then it would work for others as well.  Sharing my creation with the world is something I began focusing on.

The funny thing is that as I’ve began teaching L-Yoga Flow, situations and people have come up to REMIND me why I created my method in the first place…to feel better no matter what is happening around you.  I had recently began getting frustrated, angry, etc at certain situations until I realized that this really was a HUGE blessing, not even in disguise, but right smack dab in front of me! 🙂  Appreciating what is…because it is…allows you to know what it is that you want and where you’d like to be/do/have.   The tricky thing is to keep our intention on that!  So one easy yet POWERFUL way is really appreciating whatever is bothering you in the moment…take a minute and really feel into that…feel how that shifts, maybe you feel some relief? I know I do.   Appreciate the contrast for it is taking you closer to everything that you want.  Appreciation is a powerful powerful antidote…and next time you find yourself bothered by something, remember to appreciate what is and remember that you do have the power to shift into feeling your power as a co-creator!  How exciting!!!

Hope you guys are all having amazing days!  I love you and I’ll see you in class tonight @ 6:30!!