Hi Everyone!  I hope you’re making it a great day!  I have the fortune of working with so many amazing people through L-Yoga Flow who truly inspire me everyday with their stories and journeys of self-reflection.  I wanted to share with the L-Yoga Flow community a letter I received from not only a client but a friend.  It’s people like yourself that bless us here at L-Yoga Flow by allowing us to share our passion of yoga with you.  THANK YOU TO EVERYONE past, present, and future L-Yogi’s!!!!  Without you there would be no L-Yoga Flow.

The following is an excerpt from a client/friend of L-Yoga Flow…

“You were pretty much my first taste of a consistent yoga class, and boy do I love & learn so much! I’d say it was what really got me going & growing in the yogi world. And you have really taught me a lot outside of class just about life in general.  Being new to the yoga world it has been very interesting seeing what is out there, the different types of classes, the different teaching styles. I seriously think that YOU make the class with the passion & love that you have for your practice, it radiates out of every bone in your body!  When I leave your classes I feel good on the inside too, I feel grounded, have that inner state of peace, like I’m ready to love everybody!  That sounds funny, but its true!

Yoga, open-mindedness, free-spirit, inner peace, mindfulness has always been attractive to me but at the same time seemed so unachievable because of limitations that I believed I had, just from the way I was brought up (very strict, everything black & white)….and then present day just putting up the excuse of, no classes in my area, schedule with the kids, & financial stuff. BUT, over the last 3 months I have “turned over a new leaf” with my life and stopped making excuses & started LIVING, learning so much about myself & everyday purposely training myself to not allow my daily circumstances to control my world and to make it what I want it to be!! This new way of thinking has been LIFE CHANGING! So thank you for just being you and teaching me more than you know!

About 2.5 yrs ago I fell off a ladder & fractured 2 vertebrae in my lower back. I went from painkillers, to chiropractor & then knowing that yoga was really going to be the real solution but finding it so hard to “squeeze” it in. Now, gradually over the past 3 months I find myself doing it almost everyday, I feel like for the first time in my life I AM BREATHING! My body feels fantastic, and if I’m not feeling so hot I am really realizing if I turn to some yoga, clear my mind, breath through the kinks I will emerge a new woman! The whole mind-body connection that yoga had given me is amazing. Even my husband is amazed at how my flexibility has changed and he laughs at me after I do a little “flow” and get up and am completely relaxed! He’s a big old country boy, but his interest is peaked! It’s so funny!  Thank you for everything!” ~ Maureen

Thank YOU Maureen!  We are blessed to have you in our L-Yoga Flow community!