Hey everyone!  I wanted to share a WONDERFUL new way to begin your day that I’ve just started doing…meditating lying down.  Yes, only 15 min. will set your whole tone for the day and it’s a great excuse to stay in your bed and stay warm for a bit.  All you do while you lay there for 15-20 minutes (re-set that alarm first or you might doze off!!!) is on every inhale imagine a nice, healing, warming, loving golden light entering the top of your head and flowing all the way down to your feet (picture your body being gold and glowing) and on every exhale see from the bottom of your feet a great dark river entering through your feet, coming all the way up, and out the top of your head.  Just do slow, deep breathing…which should feel really nice and yummy just coming up out of sleep.

I won’t get into the metaphysics of this, but this is an extremely powerful practice to do over time.  After talking with a few of my clients, I realized I’m dedicated to taking the ancient practices I do and putting it in plain language so everyone feels comfortable to add these “feel good” practices into their life.  For those of you who like to go down the rabbit hole like myself I’ve included the link:    http://www.messagefrommasters.com/Meditation/Meditation_Techniques/Passive/Golden_Light_Meditation.htm

Happy laying and meditating 🙂  p.s.  add a big smile at the end of this too 🙂  it feels really good, you may notice it lifting your mood, and don’t worry, no one can see you smiling to yourself for no reason 😉  you’re in the dark!