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I’m starting something new this week!  I’m going to be putting up weekly challenges up here, just like my favorite home workout website does www.bodyrock.tv!  But instead of physical workout challenges, these are “feel good now” challenges.  I’m calling these challenges because although they’re simple and everyone can do them, how many of us actually take the time to?  It’s time to take charge of how you feel!!!!  I’ll be doing each challenge along with you guys, and I always welcome feedback!  Let me know what you think, how you felt, and what good things happened  🙂

At the beginning of each week I’ll put up a new 5 minute exercise that will have you starting your day feeling good.  For those of you who want to end your day on a positive vibe you can repeat it again at night as well.  For this week we’ll start off every morning and night by taking 5 minutes to write in your gratitude journal.  Write out everything you’re thankful for, for a full 5 minutes.  Notice how you feel as you’re focusing on everything you’re grateful for.  Then be aware and expect wonderful things to begin to flow into your life.  Begin expecting what’s great.  You deserve it.

Happy Monday everyone!!!!  Make it a wonderful week!

“There is no path to happiness: happiness is the path” -Siddhartha Gautama