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One of the reasons that yoga is such a great form of exercise is because it helps the body is so many ways. We can do sit ups to work on a flabby stomach or spend hours on the treadmill to boost lung function and running capacity, but these stand alone exercise forms target just a few areas of our overall health. Yoga is an amazing way to work out because it doesn’t place a strain on the body but carries many more benefits than most people are aware of.

1. Yoga Improves Flexibility

This is perhaps the one benefit most people can name. By committing to a regular yoga practice, you will notice that your body moves with greater ease. Muscles can become tight over time, as we under use our bodies moving from work to home and back again. Yoga helps unlock these issues and, as a pleasant side effect, you may well find your aches and pains start to disappear too.

2. Yoga is Beneficial to Bones

As we age our bone density can decrease. It can be a particular issue for women due to the effects of Oestrogen and other hormones as we age. Weight baring exercises are perfect for keeping bones strong and healthy which in turn lessens the risk of osteoporosis developing. The range of poses in yoga also means it is easy to work all of your bones, not just the legs as you would in walking or running.

3. Yoga Builds Balance

Having good balance is also something that we need to maintain as we age. A poor balance will lead to falls and knocks which can damage the body. The longer we can maintain a good balance the more chance we have of not ending up needing walking frames or wheelchairs in old age. Poor balance also places a strain on knees and ankles as we struggle to say upright – better balance will alleviate the problems.

4. Yoga Relieves Stress

There is nothing worse than coming out of work stressed and uptight and transferring that to a night in front of the television. All that does is place a strain on the body as we hold ourselves in a more rigid way when we are tense or upset. A good yoga practice will lower blood pressure and make the body feel much calm, and in turn, decrease the mental reaction to things the cause stress.

5. Yoga Aids Sleep

A regular yoga practice will also bring about improvements to your sleep patterns. Because it can help decrease stress and relieve aches and pains, you will nee going to bed with a happy, nervous system. In turn, this means that the chemicals in the brain needed for sleep will trigger more easily because you will be super chilled by the time your head hits the pillow.

These are just some of the amazing benefits that yoga has on the body. There are many others such as an increased immune system, spine health, and a decreased risk of developing arthritis as we age. Yoga does offer benefits to the body, mind and soul.