Hi Everyone!!!

It’s the day before my official launch of L-Yoga and I couldn’t be more excited or have more energy!  It’s a busy day of wrapping up some loose ends, but I find my days go soooo much smoother when I take 5-10 min right when I wake up to visualize how I want to feel for the day, the great things I look forward to happening, and fit in some of my L-Yoga to pave the way for a smooth day!  Unfortunately on the days where I’ve skipped this, I always look back and think why didn’t I just take 5 or 10 minutes to get a hold of my vibration, shift it, and feel like I’m in control of me and what I’m offering?  Because that is what we can and do have control of!

Here’s a great morning “exercise” to try, altho’ I must warn you to hit your snooze button because it is possible to fall back asleep – I’ve done it!! 🙂  When your alarm goes off, lay there with your eyes closed and just feel into the center of your body and notice your breath.  However your mind starts reacting doesn’t matter, just feel into the center of your chest and focus on breathing.  As you do this, begin to visualize and feel things that make you happy…whether it’s a loved one, your pet, a situation, etc…really embrace that positive feeling and feel this as you slowly inhale and exhale.  Now think about the day ahead, like most people, there may be some stressors that you’re anticipating…but don’t.  Try something new and visualize the best outcomes of what you have potentially going on in your day as you continue to feel this “happy” energy.  Really visualize everyone interacting with you really enjoying you, what you have to say, and really loving you!  Continue focusing on your breathing, and these “pretend” pleasant scenarios…after about 5-10 minutes you’re ready to begin your day feeling good!!!

I personally do this kind of exercise when I wake up and have found it to be really, really helpful – especially when something may throw you off later in the day, it’s easy to go back and “re-claim” this feeling, and start to feel better…after all don’t we all want to feel good?

I hope I see you guys tomorrow on the mat @ 6:30p!!  Love and Light!

Natalie 🙂