30 Day L-Yoga Flow Challenge

yoga-gahanna-columbusAre you ready to commit or deepen your practice to feel better than you have?  Join our 30 Day L-Yoga Flow Challenge!

#30DaysLYogaFlow is a month long challenge we’ll be doing together to have fun and deepen your practice.  You’ll feel the benefit of staying committed to your practice throughout your mind, body, and spirit.  You’ll be encouraged as your fellow yogi joins you in the challenge, knowing that you’re in it together!  You have until November 7th to sign up.  If you miss this month, just join us for another month.  We’ll be keeping the positive momentum moving forward one challenge at a time!

When it starts: November 1- November 30th

One of two ways to sign up (either on the registration site or email lyogaflow@gmail.com): 

  1. Pay $10 as your way of saying “I’m in!” and you also get 2 extra classes to use during that month only OR
  2. Increase your membership.

What the #30DaysLYogaFlow Challenge is:

      1. You must do a minimum of 8 classes at the studio during the month.  You can commit to doing more, because the more you do the better you’ll feel, but 8 is the minimum to be a part of the challenge.
      2. Once you’ve signed up, write your name on the paper at the front desk with how many times you’ll be doing yoga during the month.  We’ll add your name to the community board.
      3. Set one main intention for the month.  The power of the practice will feed this for you, and the intention will deepen the purpose of your practice.  For ideas check out this blog post http://lyogaflow.com/rituals-and-yoga/ .  If you’re unsure as to your intention you can join in the studio intention (see below).
      4. Take at least one (we encourage more!) photo of yourself in a yoga pose (anything from simple to advanced) and post it on your social media (Facebook, twitter, or instagram) page and tag us on Facebook, Twitter, or find us on Instagram at LYogaFlow.  Use the hashtag #30DaysLYogaFlow with your post.  Although you only have to post once, we encourage you to do it as much as you like to spread the spirit of the practice!
      5. Email lyogaflow@gmail.com by December 1st to share with us the positive effects of your practice and how the challenge benefited you.  Your submissions can be short or long, whatever you’d like to share, we’d love to hear!

To qualify to win #30DaysLYogaFlow Challenge:

      1. Complete all the above.
      2. Once emails are submitted, two winners will be picked randomly the first week in December to win different prizes from Lululemon, Athleta, DoTerra, or Hemp and Honey Plus.

November #30DaysLYogaFlow Studio Intention:  I am grateful for what I experience around me in every moment.  I know the more gratitude I feel, the more the Universe will support me.  

We’ll announce the winners in class and share their #30DaysLYogaFlow Challenge story with the community on our social media pages.  Join us to see how good you can feel in 30 days!