Hi Everyone!!!

I’m so excited to be finally teaching my L-Yoga Flow beginning this Wednesday 9/8/10 over in Gahanna!  For all my family, friends, and loved ones know how incredibly special it is to be finally sharing my gift and passion with the world!  Check out my ‘About’ section to learn more about L-Yoga and how it came about!

I do want to thank everyone who supported me as I developed this over the last year.  Looking back, it was not only my best and happiest moments, but the areas of my life that really frustrated me the most that helped me to create what I believe is a simple, yet powerful and groundbreaking yoga method.  Yoga practice always begins on the mat, but that’s only the beginning.  Once you realize that we have the power and right to create what we want, life never looks the same again.  And that’s what L-Yoga Flow is about – creating our best bodies & lives as a conscious manifestor here on earth.

For those of you who are wondering what the heck class is going to be like here’s a brief description:  yoga poses + yoga breathing (which is easy and I’ll show you how to do!) + guided visualizations as I help you to shift into a space of pure love and power to create what it is that you’re really wanting.  We all know that what you focus on expands (Law of Attraction), so I show you how to bring in love energy that will attract your deepest wishes to you.  It’s all about letting go what’s holding us back, and embracing new and better possibilities!  For 60 minutes you feel powerful, loving, and unstoppable and this really is only the beginning!

I hope to include all things relevant to my method on this blog; any thoughts, feelings, techniques, things that I love/inspire me to really add to the happiness and joy of each and every person that visits here.  Thank you, I love you guys, and for all of you in C-bus I hope you’ll come check out my class!!! 🙂