L Yoga Flow | Gain Inner Peace, Positivity, & Flexibility
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Transform Your Life

Reduce Stress

With the help of yoga, you can bring yourself to peace from within, which will allow you to be in your best mood.

Balance Your Life

Yoga will make sure that you realise the importance of giving yourself the time to meditate, which can help you the time to balance everything in your life.

Stretch Your Mind

With meditation, you can open your mind to bring about the changes which can allow you to grow as a human.

What Our Clients Say

Studio Etiquette Policies

As a member and student of the L-Yoga Flow community we kindly ask that you be mindful of the following guidelines and policies, so that all members may enjoy an effective, safe, peaceful, and positive class experience.

Access Bars: The Class That Changes It All

We can provide you to access bars allowing you a group space to practice your yoga in a group setting for better results. We only hire the best qualified Yoga teachers and personal trainer professionals.






Classic Yoga


Health Programs

Beginner Friendly Classes

A beginner slow flow vinyasa class where you’ll build strength, power, & focus. Also perfect for experienced yogi’s who want to slow it down in their practice.This class combines vinyasa flow to warm up & strengthen your body followed by yin yoga to stretch out those tight spots & increase flexibility. But the magic doesn’t stop there.

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Our Blog

  • One of the reasons that yoga is such a great form of exercise is because it helps the body is so many ways. We can do sit ups to work on a flabby stomach or spend hours on the treadmill to boost lung function and...

  • Yoga is a recreational activity which heals your body, mind, and soul, as the practitioners say. However, there are also some proven scientific benefits of yoga which generates more positivity in your body. The yogic methods teach how to connect yourself with your inner self...

  • Having a positive mind can make a difference on your day to day activities. You have a fresh perspective on the world and find more learning opportunities. Creating a healthy habit energizes the body with positivity. You start to feel active and open to the...

  • Yoga is an exciting and unique activity which encourages the body to stretch and maintain a degree of looseness and flexibility. There are few physical activities which can claim to have quite the same health and joint benefits.   However, yoga is also typically conducted...

  • Here at L Yoga Flow we believe that Fitness and Health plays a big part in your Yoga journey and some simple health and fitness tips can help anybody’s Yoga  improve.   Build better Abdominals  You don’t have to work your abs every day, they...

  • The many benefits and advantages of Yoga are known to humankind for a long time. This particular aspect has promoted individuals to perform Yoga and make suitable changes in their life. The different types of Asanas that you perform on this front brings about a...